MLB Scout School: Graduation

“I want our democracy to be as good as Christina imagined it. I want America to be as good as she imagined it. All of us, we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations.”
-Barack Obama, Tucson memorial Speech

Ten years of post high school education, with the late nights, tests, and papers, and I start drinking coffee at MLSB scout school…

What an amazing and challenging 2 weeks it has been. I learned how to find, evaluate, and sign ML prospects. I also made great friends (that includes you Jim Barnick!). I will never forget Mr. Walton saying…”But do you like him” over and over again, as he explained to us whether we should consider a player as a prospect. Then he would finish, “Well, if you like him, tell me why.”

Each day, I have been wearing a purple bracelet in honor of Christina-Taylor Green. And as I sat in class, I would hold that purple band in my hands, with my fingers gently going back and forth over its indented word – Hope. “Hope” – the word describing what Christina-Taylor dreamt of at just 9 years old – a better world. A world where dreams come true; where people care for one another; and a place where she could one day become the first female to play ML baseball.

Finished with my breakfast, sitting with my elbows on my knees, with my gaze to the floor, I was lost in thought. Thinking over all that I have learned and experienced in the past days, left me with one summarizing thought. Looking up at Tyler, I shared, “I feel a lot older than when I first got here.”

I am so grateful for the opportunity to go to scout school. Another dream come true for me. I was asked what do I want to do next; what am I looking for? And the truth is that I think of Christina-Taylor and the other girls who have dreams of baseball glory and I just want to do whatever I can to make the world better for them. A place where we know and see that baseball is a game for all.

Thank you to all who have read this blog – for your belief in me and your belief in us. Because we are all in a community of baseball dreamers.


Justine, thank you so much for writing this blog. I’ve been reading it since the very beginning and I’m always happy to find another post in my Google Reader. Best of luck with whatever you do in the future, and I hope you’ll continue to update the blog at least occasionally.

Good luck. So what does the future hold in store for you now that you have completed Scouting School? As in what region for what team?
-Mateo Fischer

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