MLB Scout School: Day 12

“At scout school. Watching Bryce Harper. Sweet! I’m think he might be a prospect :)
-My tweet, at today’s Arizona Fall League game.

The left fielder threw home during In & Out and I immediately thought, I like that arm. Fluid, on target, and with carry. I note it’s a plus arm. As I match up jersey number to roster name I realize that LF is Bryce Harper. I chuckle to myself – at least I know scout school is working – prospect identified.

Today, we watched an Arizona Fall League game. Our assignment was to write a pro report on 2 position players, the starting pitcher, and a pitcher of our choice. A pro report identifies prospects at the AAA, AA, and A level and then defines the player’s prospect status and projected time of arrival as a Major League player. A pro report requires less descriptive detail than an amateur report but I think it demands more conviction.

My scout school epiphany happened today as I sat behind the radar gun. All program, I had been having trouble differentiating between a slider and a curveball and its descriptive movement. But today, I was able to instantaneously see the pitch movement, match it with a radar reading, and then have an instructor describe the movement with proper scout phraseology. And it all made sense to me.

Today was my favorite day at scout school. Now, I realize I keep writing that “that day” was my favorite day. Well…each day just keeps getting better than the last. But unfortunately, the last day is upon us.

And my Overall Evaluation (OEA) grade of MLSB scout development program: 8… “Premium.”

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