MLB Scout School: Day 11

“Loves to play.”

-A phraseology from the MLSB Development Handbook that can used to describe a player’s intangible tools.

Wednesday began as a hump day for me. A bit worn down from my lack of sleep, I was moving at a snail pace. As we waited around at the field for rosters, I decided I just wanted to sit down. So I sat on the pavement, on top of my clipboard, put my head down, and started softly singing Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars to myself.

“You all right,” asked Ross. Crouched down at my ear level, I replied embarrassed, “did you hear me singing?” Ross Smith is a fellow scout school participant who had just been released at Spring Training by the Cardinals. He asked me again if something was wrong. I told him I was tired. With all of the wisdom of a 23-year old, he insisted, “Get up. And fake it.”

There is a portion of a scouting report that asks for an evaluation on the player’s poise, instincts, and aggressiveness. These categories are where we get to list the intangibles. A recent ESPN reporter, described my physical presence as, “almost lethargic.” The reporter continued, “but in a baseball context she comes alive.”  I’m grateful Ross reminded me of my own intangible qualities.

Today, became one of my favorite days at the ball park. The pitchers threw strikes, the players I observed had talent, and I was growing more comfortable in my evaluation role as a scout. I love scout school. But with just two days left, the end is near.

Senior Vice President of MLB’s Baseball Operations, Kim Ng, was at the field for a one day visit. As we briefly caught up, she asked me if I was enjoying myself. With the biggest smile I could give her, I answered, “I don’t want to go home.”

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