MLB Scout School: Day 6

“A scout must have honesty, integrity, and loyalty.”
-MLSB Development Handbook

Today, we had the honor of meeting and listening to Don Pries. Eighty-four year old, Mr. Pries founded the Scout Development program 26 years ago. Beyond the amazing things that he has contributed to the baseball world, there is another reason I like him – He just looks happy. He radiates a sense of peace with his smile, kind eyes, and the encouraging words he shares.

Mr. Pries addressed us with a brief but inspiring talk. The beginning and end of his speech will always stay with me.

Thin and white haired, with a small bend in his upper back, Mr. Pries slowly but steadily walks up to the podium. He looks out at us. And in a confident and booming voice, he begins:

Do you have goals? 

Do you have dreams?

Do you have goals and dreams that haven’t come true?

If it happens to you – then get another goal – get another dream.

Soaking in every word, we listen with rapt attention. Mr. Pries continues on about the joy of scouting, the benefits of the school, and the friends he has made along the way. Then he stops; looks out at us one more time. And with a smile, he concludes:

God bless you all.

And may all of your dreams come true.

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Mr. Pries short thought on Goals and Dreams is so simple but seems utterly correct…

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