MLB Scout School: Day 4

“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.”
-Albert Einstein

Part of being a successful scout is staying organized and working hard. My days here at the scout development program are very full. Below is what Sep. 28th looked like for me. It’s a pretty typical day here: A good mixture of challenge and fun.

Wake-up. Text daughter I love her. Finish homework reading. Answer work emails. Review blog entry and post it.

Looking for a day-off in the gym. Play basketball in the hotel court and just mix-in plank variations.

Breakfast at the hotel.

More work emails and phone calls. Need to keep up with work at Sport in Society and Baseball For All.

Normally, class begins at 9 but today have to redo our head shots and have pictures done.

Class. One of the hardest things for me to do is sit. Thankfully, sit in the last row, so can squirm all I want.

10:25am – 3:00pm
Make more work phone calls and emails on the bus to the Instructional game. Call family members and wish them a Happy New Year. At the game, evaluate all of the arms as players take INF. During the game, evaluate and prepare to write a report on the Indians pitcher and the Rangers SS. Even with special focus on the pitcher and SS, I still keep eye on rest of players.

Back in classroom. Review video of the pitcher and SS. Handwrite my scout report.

Check-in one last time for work, making sure emails are answered. Start typing in hand-written report into computer.

Back in the classroom.

Dinner in the courtyard. Dinner is a favorite part of the day because of informal conversations between participants and instructors. Finish entering my report in the computer and then printing it out.

Start blog. Try to keep up with who is winning the Yankees/Rays game.

Meet with instructor to discuss my scout report. Nervous because I know report needs work. But in actuality, it was fun. Liked talking about the players and just becoming better in how I describe them.

Suppose to be finishing blog but get caught in the lobby watching the Red Sox lose and the Rays win. Had a fascinating conversation my group member, Craig Griffey, on what he looks for in a player. Coming from a baseball family and having played pro ball himself, his scouting perspectives have a real, original depth that I enjoyed hearing.

Decide to finish work in the morning. With heavy eyes, crawl into bed. Phone rings. My daughter doesn’t feel well and can’t sleep. Tell her I love her. Leave phone on speaker. Can hear her breathing. We fall sleep together.


You are an inspiration to alot of people!

Yep – that’s pretty much it in a nutshell…except:
What are you doing waking up at 430 in the AM? You are a crazy (motivated) person!

~ Ryan (scout school classmate)

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