Throwing the 1st Pitch at Indians Game

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

I have had so many dreams come true over the past few months
that I am beginning to loose the words to describe my gratitude. On April 17th,
another dream was fulfilled when I threw the ceremonial first pitch before an
Indians game.

I wanted to wear an Indians T-shirt when I threw out the first
pitch. So I stopped in at the souvenir shop 30 min. before my meeting with the
Indians. Well, I should have known better because I am not a very quick
shopper. When I finally made my decision there was a huge line to pay; there
was no way to I could make my meeting and wait in that line. So I played diva
for the first time in my life.

I went up to the person who looked like he was in charge. I
offered, ” I have never done this before or asked for any special treatment”
and I continued, “But I am throwing out the first pitch today and…” He stopped
me there. And his response was, “You go to Springfield College right? You threw
BP to the Indians? I went to Springfield”. We chatted a bit and the next thing
I knew, I was pushed to the front of the line, and off to my Indians meeting.

And then and now, I am embarrassed to have even asked for that
special treatment.

Yet, feeling good in my new Indians shirt, I found myself
waiting on the field for my turn to throw. Indians pitcher, Vinnie Pestano,
came over and introduced himself. He would be catching my pitch. Then it was my turn to throw. I vaguely heard my name being announced over the loud speaker as I walked up to the mound.

The only thought that went through my head was how beautiful
the mound was. I set up in the stretch position. Gripped my four-seam fastball.
And threw a perfect strike.

When Pestano came over to sign the ball for me, he offered me
his mitt, “Take it” he said. “You can use it more than me. That was right over
the outside corner.”

Another one of my dreams had just come true. And I just smiled
at him because I could no longer find the words to describe what my heart felt.


How did you get to throw the first pitch?!

Hi Melissa. They asked me. It was pretty awesome. Thanks for reading the blog.

How did they get your information? Did you enter into something?

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