Throwing to the Mets

”Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth.”
– Roberto Clemente

It was my fourth team in five days and I knew that the responsible thing to do was just warm up nice and easy. But there I was throwing with the Mets in left field and I was determined to try to throw as long and as far as they were. And I did. With a step-and-throw, I threw at head level to my partner standing in shallow centerfield. The same distance the players were throwing. When the Mets came in, so did I. And that just felt so cool. Like a dream. Like I was a New York Met.

As I waited to throw the first round of batting practice to the Mets, a player asked, “Are you the one who is throwing BP?” He then initiated a conversation about Title IX. Another guy in uniform, asked why I didn’t just play softball. I replied, “I can’t snap a curve ball in softball.” We discussed my life mission of girls’ baseball for every age group. We talked for so long, that a Mets coach had to call me to remind me it was my time to throw. Relaxed and in my zone, I jogged up to the mound, warmed up a few, and began to throw strikes.

This was my 6th MLB outing and I had gotten the hang of things. I was fairly relaxed. The L screen was the same style that I had trouble with when pitching to the Cardinals – it had thick padding around its rims. But this time, the screen was adjusted so that I could see home plate; it made me smile to think I had a quick learning curve. I didn’t have the same zip on my fastball that I did when I threw to the Rays – my first stop in the Grapefruit League. But I threw consistent strikes. And it was fun. Later during the practice, a Mets coach offered that I threw better BP than him.

When I was done throwing, I spoke to a reporter, dropped my uniform pants off in the equipment room, and walked out to the players’ parking lot like it was no big deal. No hoopla – just a job well done. And that was perfect. Like a dream. Where I’m just a regular ol’ member of the New York Mets.

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