Our Rainbow

“Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, The lovers, the dreamers and me.”

      -Kermit the Frog

Now in Arizona, I just came back from literally chasing a rainbow. It was coming in
and out of the mountains. And the brightness was fading in and out. My
daughter, Jasmine, wanted a picture. So we chased the rainbow. And found it. It
was a perfect life moment.

On the eve before I make history, I know that tomorrow I will be chasing another
rainbow. The rainbow begins with the Cleveland Indians. But where it ends is still
up to us. And I think that’s the best part. We get to imagine what’s in our pot
of gold. I hope it’s baseball for all.


Congratulations on being the featured MLBlog! I love what you are doing and was really impressed when I read the “read about me”. I couldn’t agree with you more. Keep up the good work!



Congratulations on making history today, Justine! We have been watching you take the stage – and it’s a great moment for the game!

Keep it up with the A’s on Wednesday!

– Randy

Thanks for sharing. What a pelrasue to read!

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